Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End :)

It is so hard to maintain different social networking sites these days and although I use them merely as tools for communication, I am now ready to blog just to blog.

At present, I have three active social media. I am on Facebook wherein I can get updates with what is happening in Laguna where my family and friends are. And of course, facebook is where you are. Need I say more?  I am also on twitter. I started tweeting to follow celebrities. However, with my three years in the site it became more of an SMS to the world thing. I love how it makes me stay connected with closest college friends and law school friends. And, I am also tumbling. It is my first attempt in maintaining a blog site under my real name. Unconsciously, cookiecielo.tumblr.com has become a gossip girl/pedicab/vampire diaries/ryan gosling appreciation blog. I barely write my own posts there. I would maintain it though, for the love of Chuck Bass, I would.

Lastly, I have a five-year-old-pen-named blog in blog spot. The name of this blog is somewhat similar to that one. No, I am not ready to reveal that yet.

So here is my attempt to writing just for the pleasure of it and without minding who my readers are. This blog will feature other blogs, gossip girl, raymund marasigan, franco, things I like doing at present, LAW SCHOOL, friends, you, love, you again, family, the Revillas, food, tv shows and music I like, and myself.

First bit of information: I named my blog this way because I am no Lois Lane to be saved I am my own superwoohman! 🙂



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