When I woke up this morning, I decided to move on from something that is never was. This is a record. You broke my heart without even knowing when, why and how. You aggravated the loneliness that I have without even doing anything. For these effects that you have on me, I cannot even make you liable.

So, I decided that it is time to let go that pinch of hope in my heart that there could be us. No, there will never be one. Us involves two persons, and you don’t even see me.

I asked for a sign to seal this moving on thing. We always talk on IM but you never text me. So I asked for the not possible. I will make myself available online but you should text me. Yes, TEXT me, as in I need a one peso effort on your part to talk to me. I know this wouldn’t happen. Why exert such an effort when I am always available online, right? And then you did text me. *sigh*

But, I know my limitations and you being in a relationship is certainly a limitation.  I also know when to stop. I didn’t assumed anything but I did hoped that there could be something. That text is an extension of time to move on from you. And I did extended it up to the point that I’ll hit publish on this blog. Enough already. You already occupied a portion of my blog, I can’t let you occupy a portion of my heart.

At this moment, you lost a chance you never asked and you lost a girl you never wanted. Good riddance!



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