Of Make-up Class, Overtime, And Missing Anj

I left Laguna earlier than usual today because I have to be in UST before 1pm to attend a make-up class for Political Law. Atty. Sandoval is one of the best constitutional lawyer in the country and I cannot miss his class. I am still suffering from body and head aches (and heartache too. chos!) but I still managed to be there for his class. It is all worth it because he delivers lectures in a manner that is easy to understand but at the same time complete. I just didn’t like the new sets of cases though. I thought I would be sleeping early tonight.

Then late afternoon, I reported for work to overtime. Overtime on a Sunday is simply exhausting. Whew!

And, I miss Anj. She made law school life bearable for me. I miss the quality fx time that we had. I guess I have to accept now that she is living in Manila already. No more number 2 and cheescake stories on the way. *sigh* But with the less than three months that we knew each other, I know that we practically became sisters. There is no need to see each other everyday because we know how we are to each other. πŸ™‚

Still a long night ahead. Gearing up for next week! πŸ˜€

β™₯CIELO β™₯


2 thoughts on “Of Make-up Class, Overtime, And Missing Anj

  1. wala na talagang no.2 at cheesecake stories kasi kailangan na magmove-on!haha
    next topic pls.!:)
    can’t wait for the day na dito ka na din sa manila…hope it would be soon!

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