the group-less group, barkada-less barkada

And I don’t know what I will do without these three people. Tonight, I just loved them more. I am happy to have these two boy friends aside from my law school bffs hazel, krae, and anj. Anj and I and JP and Kenneth belong to different class subgroups but the universe conspired to bring us four together for a random movie, after class dinner, and long saguijo nights. Out of frustrating office works, failed recitations, and heart problems it is them whom I can tell anything to. Anj and I are sisters from different parents. She is my emotional and intellectual sparring partner. JP, at this moment, he keeps me grounded and he reminds me of who I am as a person. He sees good things in me which I don’t even see in myself. I am just starting to open up my other side to Credo. We share the same interest in music. Even if most of the time what we talk about are silly things, I know he is a friend too. If it will be my choice, I will not open up Saguijo to others.  I’d like that to be ours. 🙂

cielo, credo, jp, anj

Here’s to more years with you guys!



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