the 22 year old virgin

Last night, I had a fairy tale story telling with a friend. We are in the same situation, the ones we like are in a relationship and though there is a chance that they might like us back, it is wrong to entertain this thought. So, being hopeless romantic as we are, we talked about our dream relationship, wedding, and marriage. And we talked about giving ourselves completely to the ONE, the RIGHT ONE in the perfect time.

I was in a relationship and I never agreed on doing it. I don’t know if it is a good thing not to give up my virtue yet, na di ko pa sinusuko ang bataan.My friend told me that I should be proud because not everyone can have the same conviction that I have. However, that is also an indication that I am guarding myself too much. I have trust issues. My life is planned with A,B,C…Z and I am sure that there is no 100% sure contraceptive, at one point, I maybe that .000000000001% where the protections won’t work. The best remedy: don’t do it.

Looking back, I know that I made the right decision to save that special part of myself. I am on my way to being a lawyer, watching my brother ace the ECE board exam, buying that house in Nuvali for Nanay and Tatay, going around the world with the Revillas, and pursuing a promising political career. These things would have been hindered with just one wrong move.

I do not have anything against pre-marital sex. I am against pre-ready you sex. And right now, I know that I am far from ready and the right one is still isn’t in a hurry finding me.



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