Last night, I was literally in a sea of cases, books, hand-outs and other law school materials when suddenly I thought of you. I haven’t thought of you for a while now. Okay, 5 days is already a while for me. I remembered something that you did Sunday night and I imagined how it would be like if only we had that chance. Then, I daydreamed more. Actually, you only gave a value on my variable “future bf” because all that I imagined we would do are the things I will be doing when I find my superman.

My Superman and I will have the coolest relationship and yet the sweetest. I’ll insist on calling each other Bass and Waldorf, that would be very unique, special and not cheesy. He will bring me Chuckie in school in exchange of all the foods I will cook for him. We will have dinner with friends because there is no fun in having dinner just the two of us. I’ll schedule one day each week for our studying together, one day for goofing around, and one day for being just friends. Then the other days, we will surprise each other. Maybe a surprise fight, a surprise jealousy, a surprise deadma day, or a surprise nothing. There will be no need to celebrate monthsaries because I find that illogical. I will look forward to anniversaries, though. And forgetting an anniversary is equal to 100 bouquet of red roses plus a good sorry letter on my standard. He will not be required to text me or call me wherever he is because I trust him and our relationship. He can lie on my lap while we are reading the Penal Code or Torts or whatever it is that he is studying. I will fell asleep on his shoulders during those long hours that we will be spending together in Starbucks. But, we will have time for our friends and our friends alone. I will support him with all the beers he can drink with his friends while he is totally ok with my whole day of gossiping with friends. We don’t do goodbye kiss, we high five and smile.

I’ll bring You to shoe shop with me when JM won’t be available. Yes, you already accepted the fact that there are things when JM will be first on my priorities. You know you are first in my heart. And when everybody doesn’t expect it, we will be wearing the same Cubao Expo shirt as our couple shirt. Then we will totally rock it out.

We will fight about the silliest and biggest things. Maybe, there would be no need to say sorry at times. But there will be times when I will massage You and cook for you and puppy eyes all night so that you’ll forgive me. And I’ll be excited when you need to go around the halls of UST Civil Law so that I will talk to you. Or that I will see notes on my books saying how sorry you are. Then we will make up and kick each other’s *ss again like best friends do.

Most importantly, I’ll bring him home to Laguna to meet my family. He will discover how wonderful my family is. He’ll have some beer with Tatay, Owie, and my titos while enjoying all the food prepared by my Nanay and titas. I’ll let him join our family’s annual Visita Iglesia. And that is the sign that I see a future with him.

So Superman, I’m tired of being alone so hurry up and get here. 🙂



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