Binondo :)

Out of nowhere, JP volunteered to tour Anj, Lexi, Doy and I around Binondo. I haven’t been to the place yet so I was really excited. Yes, it is also as dirty and smelly as most part of Manila. But, there is something different with the whole ambiance of the place. It is sad that we did not took pictures until we settled in a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Binondo is Manila’s China Town because everywhere you look, there is a Chinese resemblance. All the establishments have Chinese translation. Imagine Starbucks in Chinese characters? It is reality in Binondo. The place still has kalesa as mode of transportation. This will make you feel like you are in the time when Rizal was describing Binondo in his Noli.

We also got to experience praying Chinese style in the Chinese Catholic Church in the area. Scene: two candles, golden cross, chinese character-ed prayers. Very Mano Po-ish.  Binondo is a meeting place of every culture. You can trace history in this place without exerting any effort.

There are a lot of foods. Pecking ducks and hopia overload, literally. JP recommended this certain restaurant where I had the best noodles of my life. The noodles were freshly made in the area and the beef is so tender, it melts in the mouth. The perfect combination for this would be the dumplings. Authentic dumplings. I can still taste them until now.

Thank you to these wonderful people for experiencing this with me. 🙂



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