Needs Some TLC :)

I am really getting sickly nowadays. Maybe my immune system is giving up on me. Or, maybe, it is the way of my body to tell me that I should slow down and rest. Right after my last exam for 1st semester, I still haven’t got any decent number of hours of sleep. I wanted to go back to things I usually do before I entered law school and I think I abused my body. I overtimed til 1am for 3 nights last week and when I didn’t, I was out catching up with friends. And yet, I still have a lot of work to do and more friends to catch up with. If only I can split myself into 10.

Right after the StatCon Finals, 1aa had a swimming sem-ender party. Imagine not sleeping for more than a week and then dipping into the water at 12 midnight? And then not sleeping again that night and heading straight to work? I would not have missed it though. 

Then October 30, my long wait was finally over. The Jason Mraz concert is so awesome, I can’t breath. Chos! It was really worth every centavo and every cheer. I died at A Beautiful Mess. I’ll blog about the whole experience after Lexi upload all the picture.

Last Monday, after the oh-so-superb Jason Mraz concert, I started to feel the pain in my throat. The following day was a holiday but I was required to do overtime and I practically did all the work. Look at this. 

And I spend all night with my cousins watching movie. I used many brain cells for shutter island. 

I enjoyed but I started feeling all sleepy. The following day is All Saint’s Day, and I can’t miss that day to go to the cemetery and show Lola and Lolo that they are still loved. At around 7:30PM, we had dinner Revilla style. I only ate a little because my tonsil is also failing. By 9:00PM, I am down in bed. Been having on and off fever since then. But I still managed to go to work. *Sigh*

Now, I’m sick. Tonsillitis. I can’t even speak for a minute straight. I struggle a lot. What is worse than that? I AM STILL HERE IN THE OFFICE! I’m thinking of confining myself in a hospital so I can rest. Or maybe some TLC from you. Hihihi.



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