New Year!

dahil feeling ko sexy ako dito kahit malabo šŸ™‚

Hello to all readers of! It is already the new year. Did you party like it’s the end of the world? šŸ˜› First thing first, I will be a more positive blogger this year. As s many of you people would love to text me or IM me after you read my post instead of posting your comments publicly, I realized that I’ve been so negative on my posts. So this year, I will try to share the more happy side of me. That would be tough because I’m going through a lot lately but that would also be a challenge for me to find something to write about.

With that said, let me share that I am in the office while writing this. My law books are all around me and I am 38 degree celcius hot with fever about an hour ago. And yet I reported for work because I need to fight whatever this bad vibe is. I will be a stronger person this year, physically and emotionally.

It is the fourth day of the year. It has been fairly good to me. So with this new year, I will be sharing to you my new mantra, “when the world tells you, you can’t, turn around and say, ‘Watch me!'” šŸ™‚


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