If I’ll Make The Choice, I’ll Choose You Everytime


When I first entertained the idea that you might actually know about the existence of this blog, I got scared. I poured my heart in here and I do not like the thought that you know how vulnerable I am at times. But now, just for now, I really hope that you come across this one.

I know that you are setting a distance from me.

In my mind, I have already formulated a lot of reasons on why you are doing that. For some time, I thought of the most positive things. But most of the reasons that I have thought of are negative, that this is the end of something that did not even started. This morning, I realized that I really do not have to know the reason, I just have to accept things.

So from today, I will also set a distance from you.

Maybe someday, when everything is not how it is today, maybe I’ll be the one to make the choice. Maybe, by then, you will like me enough to choose to be with me. There is a strong possibility that it would be irrational to choose you at that time. But know this, in my heart, there is really no other option, it is only you.


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