A Story

“The greatest love story ever told is your own.” – Letters to Juliet

This is an attempt to conform to Valentine’s fever. This is my second Vday with no one to be with. As much as people claims that this day is not for lovers alone, it really is, as much as Christmas is for family. I am not trying to sound bitter here. I want to share to you a story. This may or may not be a love story but surely this has something to do with the four letter words that makes the world go round.

So here goes my story.

It was Christmas. The girl woke up disappointed when there is no text or whatever from the boy. They were literally texting each other from morning til Christmas ticks and until they both fell asleep. She was expecting a “merry christmas” at the very least. There was none. At 10:30am, she was the one to first text the boy but still no reply or whatsoever. The girl understands that the boy might already be in his work or, as much as she didn’t want to entertain the idea, he was with his girlfriend.

Come lunch time, the boy finally replied. No explanation or anything, just a simple text asking how is the girl is spending her Christmas. And the long conversation then again started. The girl was going through a lot at that time. Her family was having the most difficult test so far. She felt alone. She felt like everyone was judging her for something that she did not do. She cried. She cried more. She cried a lot. She had no Christmas. And so, she went back to the Metro already. The busy sidewalks of Makati feels more of a companion than staying in a place where she can’t be her true self.

Then, there he was. Like an angel sent down from heaven, in his white polo shirt,  he was there. He doesn’t know what she was really going through. He just knows that she is not okay. Tokyo-tokyo transformed into a fine dining in her eyes. Suddenly, it seemed like the best chicken teriyaki she had in her whole life. Her frown turned into smiles. She laughed at the silliest jokes. Ayala Triangle, although closed already at that time, had the most beautiful lights that night. She had her Christmas.

And the same is true with Greenbelt. She didn’t know that it could be the happiest place on earth at that moment. The African Sunrise tea from CBTL tasted heaven while he was holding her hand. The whole moment just went in slow motion when he offered a pinky swear that maybe on that “day” when they are both single, they will finally be together. He brought her home and gave her the big hug as if re-assuring her that everything will be okay. The moment the cab he was riding set off and she turned her back to go upstairs, he sent her a message saying “separation anxiety.” She already had her Valentines.

And then reality sets in, he is  in love and in a relationship with someone else. She needs to move on. No happy ending. She isn’t even sure if he feels anything more than friendship for her. One thing is clear though, this is not a love a story but this a story of how love makes a person so happy.


The magical moments that love brings to a person is not measured of how much love you give each other, the true measure of how magical a moment is when you can go back to that particular point in time and still be able to recall all the details even the name of the barista who made your drinks. The magical moments are measured by having the same grin on your face whenever you remember that that moment actually happened not thinking of how you really are with that person right now.

Valentine’s, for me, is the day to show that one person of how much he or she means to you and how much each moment with him/her is a magical one. It is a day for romantic love even the unilateral ones. Because really, when you love someone, you don’t expect anything in return, you just love them and make life easy for them. If you are not brave enough to say “I Love You” at least say “Thank You” for the inspiration and happy hormones that person brings into your life.

To the one who makes me believe in magic and butterflies again, to that one person who can talk me into doing anything to, to the one who can just make me “indak” with how life goes on, to the one who can make me smile despite my terrible bad mood, to the one who makes me forget about Chuck Bass, to the one whom I am willing to go through all the pain with, to the one I wish to not go away, to that one person who looks at me and can’t see me, to my “the one”  but I am just his no one, to the one who friendzoned me, to that one person I am/was willing to wait….

Thank you and I Love You! 🙂


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