Happy Choose-day! ♥

Are you already sensing the bitterness in me? Happy Valentine’s Day!

Seriously, I already made plans for this day. Unluckily for me, the one I imagined to be spending it with me is still an imagination. But it is okay. I already had my heart’s day. So never mind if I planned cooking his favorite meal and if I planned on bringing him to UP Fair today. I will just forget about the same shirts that I already bought with a statement “Mahalin kita ng totoo dyan eh” from Team Manila. I will forget about everything, I will forget you, just for today.

This is just a plain Tuesday for me!

Okay, I will call it Choose-day. And I still stand by my previous blog, if I had the choice, I’ll choose you every time. I will choose you without thinking. I will choose you even after I give it some thought. I will  choose you based on how I feel. I will choose you based on rationality. I will choose you when I’ll take happiness into consideration. I will choose you without any reason. But most importantly, I will choose that situation where you will be happy.

So, happy choose-day to everyone! Make that choice on heart matters today. You might make someone so happy, you might make yourself happy! 🙂


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