My Kryptonite

“Still I sit all alone, wishing all my feeling was gone. I gotta get over you. Nothing for me to do..” 

I thought that my love for sunny days would make a difference on how my mood will be today. I woke up and smile at the feeling of finally seeing the sun shine, literally. I love summer, it is my favorite season of the year, and yet just the mere seeing of your name on my phone led me to crying my heart again.

Really, what happened? One moment you make me feel like the girl you could love and then the next moment I totally don’t know who you are. I was satisfied with us being bestfriends but you even deprived me of that. You think I’m a superwoman? Guess what, you are my kryptonite. My only weakness is you. I can give the most sensible advice to people and apply them on my life too but when it comes to you and me (since there is no us) I fail miserably.

Super(wo)man saves lives. The things that most people won’t give up and won’t sacrifice for the sake of other people, s/he would do. But even she has a weakness and you totally know that it is you and you know the control you have on her. Damn!

Super(wo)man is crying. Hopefully, this is her last cry over a heart break that she definitely doesn’t deserve. Please, if you care for her even for a bit, stop killing her unless you would know how to revive her. She is drained. So drained.


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