Because I Just Watched ‘Unofficially Yours’

I don’t really have the time to watch movies and when I do, I choose to watch classic movies or moivies I have already seen and I know will make me feel better. However, one of my closest friend recommended this John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin starrer and because I trust my friend, I watched the movie.

And it did not fail me. Yes, there is no greater purpose or a moral lesson that needs to be understood in this movie but it captured a true story. Maybe, I am not the only one who haven’t seen it (technically, i just did) and I should not be spoiling the whole movie on this note. More than the physical intimacy and boldness of the movie, three scenes striked me the most:


“Ang sinasabi ko lang ‘tol kaya mong i-adjust and buhay mo depende sa buhay ng mahal mo.”


“Alam naming kaya mong magmahal. Eh, ikaw ba kaya ka bang mahalin ni Cess?”

When you fall for someone, you just fall. No hows, no buts, no ifs. You adjust yourself so that maybe that person can love you back. But what really is the point of wanting that love back? Selfishness. When you love, you just love. It will always be a bonus if that person will love you back.


“Tama na.”


“Stop being so nice. Lalo mo akong pinahihirapan eh.”

“Ganito lang naman ako dahil mahal kita. I’m sorry Cess. Alam kong wala sa usapan yun pero ito na yun eh. Mahal na mahal kita… Hindi ko na rin kaya magkunwari na naiintindihan ko pa kung ano ang meron sa atin. Hindi ko na gusto. Mamahalin kita ng buo. Aalagan kita Cess. Payagan mo lang ako. Pwede pa bang maging tayo?”

Then you’ll reach a point when you would not just love, you would want love in return. It is normal. Every person would want that. But you see, you take that risk of getting hurt and getting rejected for that chance of being happy. If still that person could not love you back the way you want to, then let go. Because as John Lloyd said in the movie “ang gusto ko lang naman maging masaya siya, hindi importante kung ako ang dahilan ng saya nya.


“Kahit sa’n pa man, ang aking isisigaw: Ikaw ang aking mahal.”

This is the final scene, that moment when John Lloyd *spoiler* let Angel go and pursue whatever dreams or relationship set-up she wants. But you’ll see in him that he is happy with his decision. *another spoiler* Angel went to John Lloyd’s house, singing her heart out. Happy ending!

There are so many reasons why people can’t be committed with each other. Maybe out of fear of getting hurt or something else, the point is, in the end you choose the status which will make you happy. As much of a cliche as this may sound, you can’t be truly happy with a wrong one so just always imagine how happy you will be when the right one comes along. And if you think that the one you found is already the right one, then wait. Waiting will never be easy but it will always be worth it. It should be, because deep down inside of me, I know I’m waiting.


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