Hello Finals! :)

Hello there, Finals! It’s been a whole semester since we last saw each other. I don’t know why I am more calm this time around when I am not in the exact same position I was in during this time last semester. I have not failed an exam yet but I am just on the average side of the spectrum. It is not me. I am never a mediocre, it is either I am good or I am bad, never on the middle.

I can blame so many things about this current situation. I can blame you. I can blame my work. Most specially, I can put all the blame on me. What would be the use of that? Nothing. Thus, I just want to save myself from this mediocrity. Get ready final exams, I am so back and I am ready to kick your ass! =)

I have started my 2-week studying a.k.a fighting with the books with crim law last Friday! I started at around 5pm and ended up at 6am. How about that? Blenz Coffee is my favorite study place at the moment. It is not as crowded as the other coffee shops and they really have the best coffee and belgian chocolate in the metro. They also have to die for lasagna. These things make all the studying bearable.

Then, I also started with Oblicon! But I have so much back log I don’t know where to start, really. Well, this is not entirely my back log since my prof will still be discussing the things I am yet to read. ObliCon is a pre-requisite for so many second year subjects, God please help me on this one.

And to really gear up for the exam week, I got myself a new pair of glasses. I know, this is so nerdy, yuck! But I my everyday headache is telling me that I should really be using one now. How do I look?

And, I have this song on repeat while I am studying. This is my song for everything that I am going through right now. I won’t give up on law school and I won’t give up on you! *maisingit ka lang talaga*

#cielotolawschool  I won’t give up on us. Even if the skies get rough. I’m giving you all I’ve got. 

So help me God! 🙂


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