Baby I will wait for you. Cause I don’t know what else I can do. Don’t tell me I run out of time. Even if takes the rest of my life, baby I will wait for you. 


It takes a lot of strength to wait for something or for someone especially when nobody is telling you to do so. I made a decision six months ago that I will wait for our chance, for that one day when I can finally tell you the three-words-eight-letters I have been telling the world wide web for a while now. Some days, you give me the courage and the reasons to keep on this self-inflicted agony. Some days, you give the most obvious signs why I should be giving up. Most days, you are just you and I just fall deeper so I will be willing to wait for lifetimes longer.

This is irrational. Why do I wait for something I am not really sure to get in the future? Because I know we will be worth it. I know that when we finally get that chance where you will love me as much as I love you, we will be the coolest couple in town and we will be ready to kick the world’s ass.

So go ahead, do all the things you need to do. Stay in love with her. Wait for her. Take care of her. Do not give up on her. Do not look any other way than her way. If these things will make you happy, go ahead, do it. Seriously.

I will still be waiting until that day you will come up to me and thank me for waiting that long. I know, there is a stronger possibility that this would not happen, that you would have your happily ever after with someone else. This is totally okay. I am waiting for that day when everything in your world will fall into place, it doesn’t matter if it is me who will be standing beside you when that happens.

I’ll keep waiting.


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