You Belong With Me! ♥

I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re ’bout to cry
And I know your favorite songs and you tell me ’bout your dreams
Think I know where you belong, think I know it’s with me
Can’t you see that I’m the one who understands you?
Been here all along, so why can’t you see?
You belong with me


One of JP’s statement last night cut through me. He told us that the most powerful prayer is the one coming from the heart. I know, I should not be using this to my advantage. But, I can’t help it. It is the only thing I can which I haven’t done yet. Whenever I think about you and me, I always pray for you and the things that will make you happy. I call it love. Many would call it stupidity. Maybe, I am not having what I want because I am too afraid to ask for it. I am not willing to risk it all and lose control. And maybe, I am wrong.

I told the world that I would wait for you, that we will be an awesome couple, that I love you. But every time I’ll tell those things, I’ll have a disclaimer that it will be okay it nothing will turn out of this feeling. I am too scared of totally losing you so I cannot totally have you.

Now, I am still praying for you to be happy however that is achieved. But I am qualifying that “however” now. I want you to be happy with me. As Jason Mraz puts it, “God knows we are worth it.”


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