Hello from the beautiful place of Camp Aguinaldo! ūüôā I am currently in the middle of doing all the capabilities and weapons system thingy here in the office and I think this is the right time to go back to blogging. It is not totally my fault that I can’t post much, I was (and still am) internet deprived for almost a month now. Booooooo!

My life took a lot of bumps lately, some bad ones but mostly good bumps. I tranferred work. As stated in my opening statement, I am currently a research analyst at the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plan, Armed Forces of the Philippines. My metro residence comes with it, meaning I am now literally a Manilena. And, I am waiting for 2nd sem grades to officially make me a sophomore law student. Whew! That was  a lot to take in less than a month.

The superman of my life is currently on hiatus….again! I don’t know if there will be a relapse sooner or later. Maybe he’ll realize that he wants to be with me for a long time as my boyfriend, maybe he’ll really be so far. I don’t know what will happen because truthfully, I barely know him also¬†nowadays. He better figure out soon.¬†

I put myself down. I picked myself up. You know, I may not have the bikini body and vavavoom physical apperance but I am a Thomasian law student who works at the Armed Forces of the Philippines with a family who loves me very much. I think those people who keeps on ignoring and taking me for granted  lost something, not me. *insert Sheldon tone here* Case in point: KLC.

Okay, bye for now! I will update you sooner than I did with this one, I’m catching up with Gossip Girl finale recap before my boss arives and I’ll be a slave again. Chos!



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