It is roughly a week before my birthday. I think this is my favorite day of the year because I can be selfish and still feel good about it. Every year, I have a birthday wishlist list and I receive nothing. So this time, I am buying them for myself. I made a list for a whole week and I make myself happy by buying them for myself. You see, the kuripot Cielo is a contrabida now. Who says being alone isn’t fun?

1. Mister Donut Classic Twist

2. Blue sign pen

3. Chipppppppppppy!

4. Headband

5. BB protector

6. Compile Chuck and Blair scenes and put on secret scrapbook


So far, I have accomplished the first two. Although I am sure that my shoes can wait til I get my money, I have a whole year to satisfy that one. Thank you, Cielo! 🙂


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