We Were Infinite

We are over. Yes, we never became official but I should stop denying the fact that we “were.” There was an “us.” Now, it is long gone. News came so fast, you started going out with someone else. Do you know how hard it is to sleep at night next to my nanay and hide from her that I am crying? Do you know how crazy it looks for me to laugh at the silliest jokes that are not even funny just to keep tears from falling? Do you know how lousy it feels to think of you every where I go? You don’t know. You don’t know anything.

All you do know is to hurt me and take me for granted. C’mon, I won’t be acting like this if you did not lead me on. All those study sessions, fine, friends do that all the time. But the holding hands, the hugs, the sweet texts and the other things that only we know? It may not be love on your part but it is definitely something. I tried to understand you. I tried to bargain. But look where you left me? Shit! I still love you despite everything.

I waited for you. I waited long enough.


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