…and they found me. Again.

It was that day I found out that everything is not what it seems. Failed expectations. Unrequited commitment. Questionable love. Everything just seems falling apart and I don’t know what to do anymore. You know, there are a lot of bigger problem that should be solved and dealt with. I am not of any help to my Serena van der Woodsen nowadays. But seriously, I can’t help her because I am not okay. Petty, yes, but my world fell apart.

I was literally drowning in alcohol this night. 10 SML. Whoah! I was crying. Laughing. Crying. Laughing. Self-pitying. Crying. Crying some more. No one understands me. No one was there. I have to do things on my own. Alone.

Now, this will always be a reminder that there was one night when I lost myself. I don’t want to be found. But these beautiful girls found me.


2 thoughts on “I WAS LOST…

  1. a lot has happened and we seem to ba faling apart everyday (parang nakikipagbreak lang ah.hehe) but hey remember the time we were reminiscing and we asked ourselves how two completely different individual became the best of friends?And we said we clicked because we didn’t need to always remind each other that we cared and that whatever happens we know that we will have each other.
    You have me okay?although it may not be how it seems nowadays but hey it will always be B and S.
    sorry i wasn’t there when you needed me…

    • I’m sorry I can’t be there for you , Sis! I do not know but the little boy broke me and left me somewhere I cannot be saved. I love you too much. And I will always be here for you.

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