This is my favorite Chuck and Blair moment of all time, the first time that Chuck told Blair he loves her. I am a big Gossip Girl fan and most of the time I want my life patterned after Blair Waldorf. People would often hear me saying that I am a Blair Waldorf. Season 2 was bitter sweet for my peg couple. It started with a game on who should be telling his or her feeling first. Blair did, twice. To her disappointment, Chuck rejected her twice. Worse, Chuck always go far away after each confession by Blair. In the end, when Blair was ready to start a new life, Chuck came back and said the three words that would make Blair the happiest person in the world.

Parallelism, I feel like you are my Chuck Bass. I didn’t plan on giving up on you. I will stick by you through anything. You see, I have waited long enough and I should not be getting tired now. But I have to let you go, for my own sanity, I have to let you go. My life is no Gossip Girl. You won’t come up to my house with flowers and ready to tell me the three words I have been dreading to hear from you. I can’t give up my being Blair Waldorf but I can totally let go of the idea that you are my Chuck Bass.

This moment will never come for us. Just because we can’t be together, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I always have, I always will. But for my own sake, I have to let this one go.




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