Tuesdays and Things I Look Forward To =)

For a year now, Tuesdays were not my days. The reasons are quite obvious – LegRes and Nego. I love Consti Law but for some reason, Tuesdays always brought me and you on a fight. So yeah, Tuesdays are dreading and tiring and middle of the week. There some change of perspective in my mind though. Call it Atty. Rabuya and his awesome teaching and lawyer-ing skills in Law on Property. No, I don’t like him in a way my classmates tease me. He was just there to boost my confidence when I don’t want to believe in myself. We do not personally know each other, he just called me in a 2-hour recitation and told me that (for the first time in a long time), “may tama si Cielo”. =)) I badly needed that.

I like going back through old stuff. Pictures, songs, blogs or simply memories. It makes me remember each and every detail of what happened and makes me cling on them. Not healthy. They are only memories. They made me happy, yes, but what I should be thinking about are the things which will make me happier. I can’t go back to the past but I can still change the future. So for that, I made a list of things to look forward to.

1. Midterms. Yes, I am so looking forward to finish those exams. C’mon! With God by my side, no exam is tough enough. 


2. John Mayer’s new album. ♥

3. Cheese shake with the office mates. I am currently the most lifeless person in the office. I have been stalling on every ‘lakad’ because *guess what drum rolls* I need to study.

4. Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl new season! SteLena and ChAir. ♥

5. Night out with law school girlfriends! I miss them so much. Different schedules and different priorities, not good. All of them have boyfriends (of sorts), why oh why? They are out on dates and I am out with my high lighters, books, books, books, cases, cases, cases and yeah books. I already read Pineda’s Law on Sales for like 10 times already while these chikas are enjoying the world.

6. JACK. i miss them so soo sooo soooo sooooo sooooo bad.

No Tuesdays, or any day for that matter, can be too tough. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tuesdays and Things I Look Forward To =)

  1. pls explain “boyfriends (of sorts)”?haha
    just waiting for you guys to clear up your schedule so call me maybe 😀

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