Rock Bottom

I haven’t slept, I was crying the whole night. Truth, I am still crying until now. I got the lowest grade in Nego. Where do I begin picking myself up from there? I don’t know.

I am supposedly writing about my Antipolo experience (hotel and stuff) but no, here I am dwelling on the pain. Really, I do not know how to begin again. I want to die.

Initial plan, I will be going to Baguio later this evening. Maybe my 2000pesos will lead me to a decent hotel. I will cut off telephone lines and just hide from the world. But then again, you told me not to do something stupid. So yeah, I’ll just attend class later.

This post in non-sense. Well, I am non-sense.

*insert this happy song trying to make everything look ok*

you put the red back in the rules, just when I needed it the most. 


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