I Bleed Maroon :)

I was beaming with pride when UP #made8happen in the last cheer dance competition. That was awkward. I was watching inside UST’s main building in my UST Law uniform yet I know what my heart is cheering for. I love UST. I love UST so much! But I just don’t fit in like I fit in vast halls of Diliman.

Maybe my NegoLaw prof contributed to this feeling of indifference. It is my dream to be a Thomasian lawyer I have always looked up to Thomasians because we are kindhearted people. We never use demeaning people as a way of teaching. Not until this particular prof. Gaaaaaaah! You know, I’ve been through worst UP professors. But none of them demean me personally. Yes, as a prof, you can totally bitch around when it comes to acads but not to me personally. That is just a big *bitch tone* NO!

I lost myself and never found me. I degrade myself more than anyone could ever degrade me. You know what, I just remembered, I graduated from THE University of the Philippines, Diliman. It is the premiere university in the Philippines. You graduated cum laude in other school? Immaterial. All other arguments are invalid. When the rest of the world dares to be outstanding, UP students are the standard.

So boo you and everything that brings me down! Iskolar ako ng bayan. Malayong lupain akin mang marating, hinding-hindi magbabago ang damdamin.


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