Bee Happy! :)

For a long time, I finally have something positive to write and think about. There is something different about this day. I arrived at the office with my mini skirt getting mini-er because of a lost thread on its slit while I was rushing from gate 1. Then there is my new office mate, offering to carry my bag and books. He flashed a very warm smile and I smiled back. I said I can carry my things on my own. We were laughing on our way up to the office. For the last time, he offered to carry my bag again. Random times I realize the downside of being a feminist.

And then, you called. I snapped back because I should not be smiling with what happened earlier. We talked for about 5 mins or rather you talked for 5 mins while I listened. You said something about the paper we are writing. Then our plans for the next weeks. Then reminded me that I should start studying for finals. Then said goodbye. I was just smiling the whole time. Out of your thousands of questions, I am only waiting for one whenever we talk, “tayo na ba?” Gaaaaaah!

I don’t know why because an hour after we talk, the new office mate, asked me “tayo na ba?” referring if our division already started with the conference. I smiled, realizing that I heard the question, yes, but not in the context I was expecting. Funny.

However, this made my day! Nyx brought pasalubong from her lunch out. The only food that would randomly make me smile effortlessly. Thank you  Nyx! You make the weird halls of J5, a familiar and happy place.

Unexpectedly, there are reasons to bee happy! 🙂


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