Dawson and Joey

What we have goes beyond friendship, beyond lovers; it’s forever. – Dawson

This is so weird. I am done with fairy tales and happy endings and Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass and then I saw this post from Dawson’s Creek. And just like that, the moving on from the daydreaming come rushing back in. I was so disappointed that Dawson and Joey did NOT end up together. I am a big fan. And right now, I so damned scared that we might just be like them. They started out as best friends, fell in love, fell out of love, fell in love with someone else, fell out of love with someone else, got back together, pursued their different dreams, and found out that what they have is something beyond being friends and lovers. Sad!

You never know why people come into your life. Sometimes, you have to let them go so that you will realize the part they are playing in your everyday drama. Sometimes, you just wake up and realize instantly a person’s significant role in your life you would not ever let that person go. Of course, there will always be your family. Then the school friends you would always go back to. Then the officemates you will experience adulthood with. Then a boyfriend. A pseudo boyfriend. Then you’ll have best friends. A best friend. And the one who will encompass everything.

Last night, Anj and I are laughing about everything that we have been through. All the little things that made us four the most kick-ass group once. We are smiling but we are so close to crying and I hate that feeling. And then I thought of how we are right now and then everything certain faded in the dim light. Are we Dawson and Joey? Is this really special thing that we have is something that is not that of lovers? I hate the thought of if. 

When I saw this picture, I saw us. The long nights trying to memorize law provisions and trying to digest cases that would end up to a Big Bang Theory marathon and long  cuddles. If ever we do end up in the place where Dawson and Joey did, I promise to tell you how I really felt during those days. Because if what we have is destined to be something forever beyond lovers, you should know that I tried everything in my power to change our destiny. Because that would mean spending the every Saturday (and everynight!) night just laughing side by side with the silliest jokes! ♥


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