I Don’t Belong

Ever had that feeling when you just don’t feel like belonging to any group you are supposedly in? It sucks and I would not want anyone to feel that.

This morning, all my office mates who came from a 3-day Tagaytay workshop is talking about how the workshop was. I feel left out and yeah, a confirmation from Ek herself made me realize that I am not part of the gang anymore. Really, this is what I get for doing CSPA all by myself. Then Effer came and asked Ek to go out for coffee after office. Hello people, I don’t have classes on Mondays! As if you care, right?

And for a long time now, I just have to let this out, I don’t have friends in school. Christel is often joining the other group and I am left alone with no one. Unexpected, the boys are welcoming me with open arms and as always treating me as one of the boys. ugh.

So yeah, I miss everybody who used to be there for me.


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