Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law states that everything that could go wrong would go wrong. Since Tuesday night, I have been experiencing it. Hopefully, my eight hours of sleep cut off the trend. It started when I got called for Credit recit. The only thing that I have said before my prof asked me to sit down was “I have not read the case, Ma’am”. Shit. I have prepared for that class. I have read and memorized all the provisions and annotations from the prescribed book and I can even give out examples. I did read the cases too and digested them. Then I got called on the part which I did not read because I thought we are already through discussing those. Super shit. 

The next day, I was informed that I need to buy a book for Transpo as my prof would not allow photocopies. There goes my 1,200 just like that. Plus, it is a Wednesday!!!! Insurance with Escalante, the same prof in Nego. Gaaaaaaaaaah. She called me for recit and it was okay. Nothing noteworthy. But the whole time, I was trembling. I do not know how to react in her class. I hate and love her way of teaching at the same time. Then 9PM hits and I could finally breath some fresh air. Or so I thought. 

I saw the ex-girlfriend. She was all smiles on our group. She slimmed down. She is pretty. And you love(d) her. It was a big slap on my face. She did not do anything bad to. I am not angry at her or anything. In fact, I envy her. 

Now, all my insecurities haunt me again. If only this, that, this that. Tell me, how do I love someone like me? 


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