Chairytale ♥


Chuck and Blair got married and flash forward to five years they had a son named Henry. I haven’t seen the series finale yet but based from the official spoilers, my chairytale dream came true. I love B. I love C. I love them both. 

Their love story is one of the most weird. They are epic. 

They started out as scheming partners, friends. Then one night, B was so lonely and broken and C was there to mend her broken heart by asking her to strip for him in his club. B has problem seeing the beautiful person she is and when she danced for C, she felt like the most beautiful person at the moment. As they were going home, one thing led to another and B lost her virginity to C who is not even his boyfriend. They had a short fling and B realized that she wanted something else. A whole season was needed before they could tell each other the “three words, eight letters” and finally, it happened. Then they went a lot of challenges as they constantly search for themselves. All those lead to this momentous chair wedding. Whew! 

for a fan like me, I could die a happy person now. 


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