In 2012, The World Did Not End

As an understatement, 2012 for me was a roller coaster. I do not know how I survived it but I did and I should be thankful for this fact alone. It pretty much started with family drama overload and ended with changing me to become a better person. 


Image  after first heartbreak for the year. 

Imagemet the President during prelims week.


Imagefinished 3rd in UST Dialectics. my first debate attempt. hihi


Imagefinished first year in law school with these awesome people. 


ImageBolinao trip with law school girlfriends. 


ImageBatangas with AFP family

Image surprise birthday bash with the law school bestfriends


Image second heartbreak for the year thus shorter hair


Image 3C roomies. super love these girls


Imagefirst socials with OJ5, AFP. happy with the plans family. 

Imagereunion of original AAloves


Imagekrae’s 25th/2AAloves i-am-so-tired-lets-go-shakeys-for-some-sanity


Imageanother semester ended. happy birthday leslie!


ImageOffice of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans. third family. last day of Sir Roy and Sir Tagoy and Sarge Wally


Imagetides with 3C. 

Image third heartbreak for the year with the same guy. pffft. 

Imagehappy new year from the Revilla’s! 

So there, to 2013 and beyond! 🙂



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