Of Starting Exam Week and Ending Love Life

What could be more contradicting than starting something while ending another thing? For me, when I start or end, I start or end every aspect of my life. Overhaul, as I put it. But not this time. 

Exam week just kicked in today. Actually, it is the preparation for each exam that is more toxic than the exams per se. I am a working student so exams week means no sleep for me. This time I am giving a total surrender to that One Omniscient Being. In those spaces where I gave less, I know he will give more. 

On another note, my love life is on the edge of dying. Just a strand of hair separates my hopeful heart and my tired reasoning. Let me go back to the reasons why I held on (and still holding on) for so long. I hope they are still reasons enough. After exams, we must figure this thing out. All of it. 

For now, I want the starting week to end already and the ending love life part to start. 


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