Six Degrees of Memories

At seven this morning, I was already listening to six degrees of separation by The Script. I know, it is masochistic but hey it is my shower song. Anyway, I started feeling all gloomy and I miss you all the more. So in my everyday attempt to turn things into something positive, I decided to recall and write about my favorite favorite memories of you and me (or us together?). 


It was Holy Wednesday last year. I was stuck in my former office, dying to get home and start a much deserve rest. You were in Greenhills and we were texting almost the whole day even when I was already in the bus on my way home. You texted me something that really melted my heart. “syempre, para aalagaan kita.” The first time someone told me that. I melted. 


We went Mercato and ate oversize pizza. You slept on my lap on our way home. You don’t know, but I secretly wished we get stuck there. 


One of our drinking nights. Weird, but it was extra special. 4 points. 


Big Bang Theory marathon and an awesome talk afterwards. We cleared everything. 


Christmas 2012 and the best African Sunrise Tea in town. Promise. 


December 7, 2012 ♥


Six would never be enough. 


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