February 16, 2013- that is the day I decided that, for once finally, I would skip class to lamierda. Seriously, I skipped two classes and went home to Laguna so that I get to enjoy and attend social events that really does not matter all that much. I attended my high school teacher’s wedding (my nanay is a principal sponsor) just because I want to play dress up with my new black dress from Tito Ding. 



Then after the wedding, I went out with my high school bestfriends til the wee hours of the night. I missed them so much, I could not contain my happiness when I saw them. We had coffee at our favorite coffee shop, DairyMoor. And then we went Feb Fair at UPLB. We just sat there in the grass laughing like little kids and talking about nonsense stuff. We just have to be ourselves and hurrah everything is perfect. By 11pm, we drank ourselves at IC’s still laughing and going back through good old high school days. Some serious sharing of what lies ahead for us and then some bragging of where we are at present. Then we will just laugh some more. 

Then, VonCy brought each of us home with his new pick up. Awesome! We were all there at the back at roughly past 1am screaming our lungs out with the wind slapping our face. 




I do not know with you guys, but I have the awesomest wingmen in the whole universe. I hate myself for not being able to spend time with them as much as I used to. I love them all to bits. That day, I was free. I did not worry about recitations, exams, and practically everything that has something to do with law school. Sure, random times they asked me about school. I answered them truthfully, I am getting by. We will start laughing it off.

Once in a while, it is nice to break my monotony of being good. After all, it doesn’t made me bad. 


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