The Script # 3


Before I get accused of intellectual theft, photo credit goes to Doy via his instagram account (@futureabogadoy)

The Script was epic last night. It is an understatement of how much I enjoyed their concert. I had my fair share of watching foreign acts and I had never enjoyed myself more than I enjoyed last night, yes, Jason Mraz’ October 2011 concert included.

I could not really point out the climax of the concert because the climax, if I can still call it that, is from the beginning until the ending. Every song was performed with so much passion and awesomeness. Random times, I have to seat down not because there is a dull moment but my knees can’t keep up with the energy level of the crowd. Araneta Coliseum was full house. Every seat was taken. Every space was occupied. And everyone was standing and singing along with every song. Yes, every song. 

There are three songs that stood out for me. Third, Hall of Fame. It was supposedly the last song but they have to come back and make and encore for the encore. I think nobody can listen to Hall of Fame live without screaming and feeling nostalgic about life. I would have love to put my fave Script song of all time, Science and Faith, (there, i still manage to put it. haha!) in third but Hall of Fame just got to be in here. Second, Nothing. C’mon, not all concert performers would drink one bottle of beer bottoms up and ask the fascinated crowd to bring out their cellphones and text their ex-es, pun intended. How liberating is it for one person to tell  the one person who hurt you that all you want are words but all you’ve got is nothing. Emo taken to a whole new level. First, my favorite favorite song from the concert, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Everyone had just to sing along the line “going back to the corner where I first saw you, I’m gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I’m not gonna move.” Danny had to pause for a while to take in the singing along of the crowd. For a lack of another word to describe it, just epic.

Also, I got to spend the night with my friends and my brother. Definitely, #3 is the best way to end March and welcome April. With their greatness, no one can be fooled.  


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