This tweet is life changing for me. Yes, life changing. I never liked the idea of ‘pagbabawas’. For me, it like demeaning persons and things after you get the best of them. Then, I learned from three of my most love(d) friends that there is such thing as cutting off people from one’s life. I have different group of friends and never had I experienced or even heard of cut off, just with the three of them. Yes, there are falling apart but never the cut off. For me, when you cut off something, you can never put it back together with your life in the same way it was there before you went crazy and decided that it needs to be cut off. There will always be a mark, a scar, a strength to do it again, and a fear to be cut off again.

Basically, those are my reasons why I don’t like the concept of cutting off. Like one day you know the darkest deepest secrets of each other and the next day you are just strangers. Sure, there are reasons. Maybe, those reasons are the right reasons. But it is never a question of why, it is always a questions of what happens after. Consequences.

Many people do things for the right reason. I, on the one hand, do things for the right consequences. The reasons may be shallow but if it will avoid me hurting people, then it is always the right things to do. Why answers something that is in the past. What happens after? You lose some people, an important stuff toy, a simcard you’ve been using ever since. Good if these are the only things who suffer the cutting off. What if it is a person who truly loved you and stayed with you even when you don’t know how to love yourself? Would your right reasons be enough to take the place of this person? Think about it.

Equilibrium. That’s what I have always yearned for. So no, I am still not for cutting off. I am for never going back to the self that other people cut me off for. I now know when to stop waiting and trying and clinging on to the feelings and to the past. If a person, even at point, cut me off, serious efforts of rekindling and starting anew must be done.


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