My Me-Time Update

Well, so far, my running away from the world and finding myself is working as planned. I have said many times that I have never been the type of person who gets excited with changes, so when I need one, I have to be subtle about it. I want to breakaway but not so away that I would need to be found. Last week, I went close to nature with my officemates. I had there my own space where I just read a good book with Pink playing on repeat and too much lechon. It was so rewarding to be free from stress and have a lazy sunny day. 


here is my favorite book so far… John Green

Then came my random dates which are totally unplanned. I should be headed somewhere but I can’t say no to a lot of people who are willing to adjust schedules just to see me. But what I am really excited about is my coming trip to this place I have never been. Clue: we planned it together but I am going alone. I’m preparing all my stuff for this one big leap. Hihi. 

So, people, yes you might be seeing me around but not really seeing me around. Technically, that is the general rule. 





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