Happy Thoughts: My May 23-Wish -I- Have

You know how bitch I am when it is May 23? Well, let us leave that as that first. There will be a separate post regarding how I am a total self-centered bitch every 23rd of May of each year. I just got so happy that last night, I got a happy answer to one of my wishes- green tea kitkat!!! I always want that and it always makes me happy even on my down-est moment. I know that it is hard to find but thank you to my Tito Bobbet for giving me 3 boxes of green tea kitkat all the way from Japan. I hate chocolates except this variety of kitkat and snickers. Since I get so excited on how I got my first material wish for my favorite month, here is a list of my happy thoughts, material things only. Hihihi. 

1. Macarons. Yes, food agad-agad. I really, really want this. As in I want to enter my home, my dorm, and my office to see my space filled up with this tiny pieces of heaven. 


2. Blue Highlighter and Red Gel Pen. They need to come in tandem because I get OC like that. Have you seen my books, notebooks and copy of cases? If not, okay, I forgive you for not understanding this qualm. Hey, I only highlight my books and cases using a blue highlighter of this brand. To emphasize a point, I only use red gel pens. My notes, though written using a black generic ink, I underline important points using red gel pen and highlight terms using the blue highlighter. And then studying seems a very happy thing to do.




3. Flat shoes from Charles and Keith. Don’t get me wrong, I have never been the type to look at brands and pricey shoes but I fell in love with this pair. Maybe it is because I have always been on my high heels. I am more comfortable on platforms but flats makes me move a whole lot easier. I think this pair would take me somewhere I will be overjoyed. 



4. Forever 21 Floral Dress.  Every girl deserves a new dress for a special occasion, even for no occasion. So no explanation needed, I want this. And I checked online, it is on 50% sale!!! 


5. Us. *cause if one day you wake up and find that you’re missing me, you’ll see me waiting for you at the corner of the street… I’m not moving.*


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