Have You Met Ted?

My love for How I Met Your Mother was totally renewed. I kinda abandoned it for Chuck and Blair. I stopped at Season 4 because I think it is frustrating how the Ted-Robin chemistry was build up only to break them up. And for goodness sake, I have to say this in the vernacular, quotang-quota na si Ted. Ted is, I know you totally predicted this, me. But I have tried so hard to run from this fact. I don’t want to be him, believing in destiny, signs, universe conspiring, yellow umbrella and not getting over Robin for eight seasons. Even if I have this softest spot for the awesome Barney Stinson, there is something about Ted that makes me want to send him a virtual hug every time. 

This is Ted. 


Not the typical meztiso most girls like and also not the bad boy type I would often go for. He is an architect whose main purpose in life is to find the ‘mother’ of his future children. The road to this task is trembling as he went through countless break-ups with different girls and  infinite moving on from Robin. Am I now justified why I am him? See this picture and tell me how I made him the peg person of my persona. 



In the last two episodes of season eight, I just love Ted even more!!! His conversation with Lily which is a total off shoot of his scene with Robin is heartbreaking. If I could bleed out that locket from my own vein just to see her smile, I would do so without even thinking, or something to that effect. And Lily said “You are moving to Chicago not because you think the one for you is not in NY but because you think she is and she is getting married to your best friend the next week.” How many more ways can Ted Mosby deserve a solemn low five? Image


So now, I have to wait months for the next season just to know if all the hurts Ted has been through is totally worth it. Yes, the mother was already given a face. But there is a part of me which still wish that it might be Robin. How Ted Mosby-ish thinking is that? 

Readers, who have not met Ted yet, I am recommending that you watch HIMYM. You will also meet Lilly, Robin, Marshall and Barney. And if you need more convincing, here are the life lessons you will learn from the show. 



Go meet Ted! 🙂


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