I won’t call this birthday sappy because it is not. I am not with family and I won’t have a celebration but I am okay. The day is halfway through and you still haven’t greeted me, which I totally expected. There are little surprises. It may not be what I want, but they gave me the best they could give and no one questions that. 


I woke up and found a “happy birthday” banner at our bathroom door, but my roommates planned out a greeting shout-out so I did not spoiled their surprise and went back to sleep. After 45 minutes, I was woken up by four different voices singing happy birthday while my eyes were only half open and my hair was all messed up. When I went down from my bed, they gave me a gift as a surprise which I totally spoiled. Anyway, they are the sweetest roommates ever. I love the banner. I love the Rules of Court book they gave me, they made me feel like I am going to be a lawyer soon. 🙂 

Thank you roomies! 🙂


I am going through some issues in the office. Some personal, some incidental to work but they are all issues nevertheless. So, this effort by my officemates (Effer, Inah, Jeannie and Ate G) to find a place to buy macarons for me lightened my gloomy mood and my sappy work environment as shown by my tons of readings in the picture on the uppermost part. 

I always feel like I do not get what I want and I tend to sacrifice personal happiness for others. When they gave me one thing I am craving for days now, I am so happy. Nobody made the effort to give me what I really want without asking anything in return. Seriously, I cried. 

Thank you friends! 🙂 You don’t know how much the milk tea and macarons made my day. 


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