Celebrations :)

The past days have been days for celebrations, technically, celebrations for different reasons.  If you personally know me, you would be shock that I am into many celebrations because I am practical like that. Anyway, all these celebrations are not planned but I am thankful they happened anyway. Sadly, I don’t have the pictures to back up each happy moment. 

I had a super early birthday celebration with MCC friends. I haven’t seen them for more than one year so I guess it is just right that I treat them for dinner. We took one or two pictures which Ate Lovely have yet to upload but most of the night we were just talking and laughing about how everything is all the same but everything seems different. They are the first real friends I had since I started working. Jomer paid for the dinner. Haha. 

Second celebration was 50% because of my birthday and 50% because I needed to be cheered up. My new boss is a slave driver and my fellow research analysts thought that I needed a break. I think I found friends in a hopeless place. 



The third celebration is a semi-reunion of the Bicol gang, well minus Kayc because she is somewhere getting kilig. 😛 I told 3C that I can’t treat them because I don’t have money. But they insisted that we still have an ArmyNavy dinner. So I gave in. I was ranting too much of how my new boss stressed me out the whole day when a very loud happy birthday played and the crew announced “Happy birthday to Ms. Cielo Santos from ArmyNavy UST branch” and brought cupcakes with wish candles. I was expecting that they would not plan anything because of the unwritten rule: no celebration days before releasing of grades. It turned out to be a good night. 



Then Friday came. I LEARNED THAT I PASSED IN ALL MY SUBJECTS FROM THE PREVIOUS SEMESTER AND THAT I GOT THE AVERAGE I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR! I should be honest in saying that I didn’t get to appreciate all the celebrations at first because I fear that when I allow myself to be happy, there is a sadness that would soon follow. Last semester was different. I can’t say it was the hardest but I was so burdened that sem that I forgot who I was. Each subject is extra-special. Special shout out to my Transportation Law prof, Judge Noli. Haha! 

The last celebration is really a series of good foods and drinks at home. Surely, they thought because it was my birthday. But deep inside me, I know that it is more than that. I have this thinking that my birthday is just May 23, any day before or after does not count to be one, so I know there is a deeper reason why I was still in celebratory mood. Yeah, because I finally admitted and said out loud that it will never work out with Kenneth. 

It was my birthday. I am officially a Thomasian third year law student. I am letting go. Celebrations. 🙂


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