Goodbye Summer, Hello Third Year! ♥

Imagine this, I still haven’t posted my full blog about my Bicol, Batangas, Quezon and “somewhere” get away and it is June already. I cannot emphasize enough in this blog how summer is my favorite favorite time of the year. Yes, it is too hot during summer but that is whole point. And this early, I am already having separation anxiety with summer. 


summer pretty much kicked off with a Dad’s eat-all-you-can lunch treat by one of the favorite boss, Sir H. SPD used to be one of my favorite place. 


The Script #3 Concert



Bicol summer love with ze roomies. (Kayc and Krae owns the pictures)


Quezon with office friends. These two girls, Inah and Ek, absorbed most of my kagagahan the whole summer. 


my “mermaid” shot. one of the best resorts in Laguna. 


this is not an actual shot of the “somewhere” but it is a clue. hihi. 

And there is so much more that I did that I didn’t captured with a camera. The best memories, most of the time, are those which you can remember even in the absence of pictures. So I enjoyed myself, jettisoned unnecessary baggage, and found myself in the process. 


you know how Barney Stinson always knows the right words to say to me? Awesome. 

I am happy to share with the world wide web that I passed in all my subjects last semester and I got the average I prayed for. It is official I am a third year law student and still a Thomasian. I have questioned my love for UST more than necessary but I am now convinced that while I will always bleed Maroon as Iskolar ng Bayan, my inner spirit is already growling like that of a Tiger. My dream is to become a lawyer, being in my preferred school is just an icing on the cake. And if you know me too well, I will work hard to get the cake, the icing included and eat it too. First step, get out of this schedule alive. 


my third year intense schedule. I have work from 8am-4pm. When do I get sleep again? Uh yes, on sembreak. 

So this is me officially saying goodbye to the beach, pools, HIMYM and TVD marathons, non-academic books, DQ nights, unplanned dates, and long sleep. You know you would see me again next time. And hello to third year! This would not be an easy road but hey I survived worst. 


see the transition from this carefree and happy smiling bitch to….



the calculated-corporate looking-but-happy-and-soon to be lawyer lady. 🙂


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