Not Giving Up, Never


One of the most ‘liked’ post in here is my blog about not giving up. Most of the time, I am posting about things that made me sad and frustrated. My broken heart is an open book as the superwoman. I know that I may not have served my intended purpose of putting up this site, that is to inspire other people. However, last night, when I was walking through flood and under the pouring rain while crying I realized that despite everything I never gave up on life. I never gave up on being me. 

I often said that my whole life fall apart at every challenge that comes my way. One of the toughest I’ve been through is my recent *for a lack of a better term* falling apart with a certain best friend. It felt like hell. I wanted to burn myself in sadness. I wanted to kill every person I see happy. I wanted to die. But I didn’t. And it means something. 

Last week, junior year in law school kicked me so hard I almost fell. Almost. I got called on every recitation in every subject. How lucky could I get right? *facepalm* While everyone is getting in touch with each other and making new friends, I already have assignments to read and recitations to nail down. By some twist of fate, I kinda nailed down each recitation. I am most proud of my Special Philippine Commercial Laws recitation with the Dean Divina as our professor. My dean’s list-er classmate congratulated me after. I was at awe because we are never really that close. She went up to me and said “Ang galing mo naman sa recit kay Dean. Good job!” 

On the thin line separating giving up and not throwing my life in the trash can, I chose to fight. I chose to cry each tear with a brave heart. My happiness may have revolved around a certain person but it is not the case anymore. 

Not giving up. Not now. Not ever. 


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