To resign or not to resign?

Tough question for a working student like me. Most of the time I complain about law school, friends, love life, weight problem and randomly about family. I barely get to mention my work. Maybe because the nature of my work is secret. No, I am not one of those persons who has illegal jobs. It is just that my work requires the highest level of military secrecy. Let’s leave it at that. 

I have three dream jobs ever since my mind knew what a dream job is. First, I want to be a General of the Armed Forces. Yes, I am not physically strong and all but I always believed in myself as a strategist. I can picture myself as one of the most brilliant intelligence officer for the AFP. Second, I want to be a lawyer, an Atty. Sandoval or Atty. Rabuya-ish lawyer. Political law is a rare field of interest for law students. The cases are super long and the concepts are abstract. In criminal law, you can picture out a murder or a robbery or even rape. But how do you imagine  State giving protection to the populace or the generally accepted principles of international law? Quite difficult but I love every piece of it. Lastly, I want to be an event organizer. I have meticulous planning skills that I already planned out my own wedding. 

The last dream would be a work in progress. I would need a lot of capital and connection for it. Besides, it does not require to be fulfilled at this point. The second dream is a work in progress with outline and strategy and timeline. I am already in my third year of law school. Just a little more push and it would be a reality. *crossing my finger* The first one would not be possible. I would not be a General because I did not enter a military school and military schools have age limit. I would not be qualified anymore. So when my dfbf told me his work for the Armed Forces, I got envious and wanted the job too. Now, I am one of the Research Analyst at the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, Strategy and Policy Division. And the imaginary strategist Cielo is not imaginary anymore. Satisfied. 

By some twist of fate, our division is going through transition. And the transition is not healthy. Honestly, I almost cry everyday for the unnecessary burden caused by the transition. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to do anything. I feel unappreciated and outcast. I decided to resign. 

Right now, I am at the middle of writing a paper which has been my baby for almost a year now. And I felt like my attachment to this work is stronger than it has ever been. Every time I tell myself to detach from it, to just treat is as work, to not take it personally, I fail miserably. 


this is a screenshot of my desktop. i am investing. a lot. 

What do you think guys? Should I resign or not?


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