Photo Dump

I would like to make a short anecdote of how my past days had been. Each day, I learn something new. My heart still aches and my whole self is till broken, but life goes on. So in my random attempt to look at the positive side of things, here are some of the memories which put a smile on my face even if smiling was supposedly not an option. 


Paul Wesley put a constant smile on my face. And those low moments, I google him and suddenly everything seems lighter. 


Lunch out with the office mates. Yes, I have full pledge Colonels bosses. And that makes me think like that of a military man most of the time. It is not always sunny and bright with these people but at this particular day, they spoiled me. 


The Revillas!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I have been praying for a time where we will be just laughing and drinking again. And I know, what I have been praying for is too far from reality but this is a good step. Baby step but it is still a step forward. I love these people to bits. 


Tax book, beer and go figure out why this picture made it to this blog. 😛


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