A Glimpse of Sulyap

Kind of redundant? No, I’m taking you to a preview of a restaurant in San Pablo, Laguna called Sulyap Art and Gallery. If you are from the South or if you are familiar with San Pablo, it is located at Brgy. Del Remedio on the first street at the right (when you are from manila side) after the train railing. If San Pablo doesn’t ring a bell, you can always google map. Hehe. We went there last July 12 and luckily, the weather cooperated. Here is the whole kaboodle who went there. 


Tito Bobbet, Ninang Che, Tito Chito, Jeo and Yani.

This was taken at their very big backyard with rambutan trees literally just hanging around as if asking to be picked. 


As you enter their gate, these wood pieces would welcome you. 



Facade of their hotel, just beside the restaurant. 



Good thing that I get to relax and enjoy a lazy Sunday. Very Vigan-ish. 

Tito Bobbet has this thing for antiques so when he learned that Sulyap showcase old stuff he really wanted to see those. We are not disappointed. Okay slightly disappointed that the items are not for sale, but nevertheless, all the things in their collection are worth seeing. 


The hallway leading to the gallery. The gallery is in a home-y set-up which leads to different rooms. The collection of old pieces are exquisite. 


Look at this super old headphones. This is one of my personal favorite. 


Here are my two cutie cousins, Jeo and Lean. They are enjoying going around and seeing ‘gadgets’ they would not see in their ipad or PSP. 


I remembered Lolo with this painting. Classic. And very colonial Filipino. 

Their restaurant reminded me of Noli Me Tangere. I would have  ordered Tinola and Tsokolate-e. The utensils and plates they use are all classy and classic: white plates and silver spoons and forks. They offer a variety of food from burgers to kulao to pasta to crepe. We opted to order pancit sotanghon and bihon, burger and crepes. All of which, beyond average. 


Pancit Bihon. 



Burger and chips. The patty is so good and saucy without even trying. I think they make their own patties from 100% beef. 


Banana crepe with hazel nuts. Crazy good with the right amount of sweetness. 



Hands down to this pancit sotanghon! it has this smokey flavor which will let you know that it was cooked using coal and not the gas stove. Yet, the other flavors stays in your mouth. 


The interior of the restaurant is sophisticated enough to remind you that you need to pay more than a fast food but laid back enough to let you enjoy chit chat with your companions. 

I recommend that you visit this old school but still cool place. Shame on me, I have not checked out their hotel service. There is always a next time.

How do I conclude this? I think Tito Bobbet already did that for me. 




2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Sulyap

    • Thank you Tito Bobbet! 🙂 I will try to post more travelogue, if only I have a better resolution camera. I would like to think that too. I just don’t know how I put them into words.

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