Guy Bestfriend

Guy Bestfriend

I stumble upon this picture and immediately, two guys flashed on my mind.

DFBF. I have to give it to JM, Sure we are not talking that much at the moment, but when we do, it would seem like the we were that polsci nerds from Diliman. JM is my anti-self, he is my total opposite from the way we think to the path we want to take and I think that is the magic of our friendship. We are never boring and monotonic. We always have something to fight about. Yet, when I know that I need the most sensible and honest opinion, he will give that to me. It takes a good de facto best friend to tell me that over reacting on an issue or that a guy is not into me. It takes a JM for me to have that jologs fan girl picture with Jake Cuenca.

Best friend Eman. Eman and I were friends since high school. We belong to the same group but never that best friends. He went to Baguio for his BS in Mechanical Engineering while I am taking up my BA in Political Science in Diliman. We shared the same sentiments of being apart from our family and from there we became closer. The next thing I know, I am opening up my problems to him. He was the solution to my math problem. He was my chaperon when I had takas dates. He was my psychiatrist. He was practically my older brother from different parents.

And I miss them both terribly right now. I don’t have the opportunity to tell them what I’m going through. JM is McKinley away while Eman is Japan away. I’m very sure that when they will learn what’s happening, they will be ready to give me the hardest batok I deserve.


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