Overtaken By Events


one hell of a day ended on this heaven-ish bed. would have been happier if.. 

This is one of the major event for my project in the office. The impact of this project need not be stated in here but I must say that the effort I gave for this project is overwhelming. I had to be absent in school to fulfill my obligations. It takes a lot for me to do that. And after this workshop, I resigned from work, I love what I am doing in the office but the people are just too much to take. 

I have this new mantra in life, i leave places/things/people that does not make me happy. It is too masochistic to let the unhappiness linger. I passed my resignation letter, So right now, I am looking for a new job. I still have a few days to stay at the office but at least I have a light to hope upon. 



3AA class picture

And then there is law school. Third year is more emotionally tiring. The professors have high expectations from us and it is heartbreaking every time we disappoint them. Truthfully, there are so many times I think of quitting or transferring to a new environment but I can’t and I will not. I will be a Thomasian lawyer. Nothing can take that away from me. 

Law school is where I found some of the best friends I have right now, They are like family in the physical absence of one. Although law school brought me the toughest emotional battle I had so far, it will always be worth it. 




forgive.. for everyone is fighting a tough fight

And in that one whole month of busy schedule and tiring events, I learned to forgive. All that happened, happened for a reason. One by one, the  reasons are becoming apparent. I was hurt but it doesn’t mean I have not hurt anyone in return. I think it is the right time to start forgiving. And out of all the people who caused me pain, I have also to forgive myself. I have to stop torturing myself of the possibilities of what could have been. 



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