As always, things had been rough for me. The usual work-school-life drama gets the better side of me and I end up having a foul mood most of the time. But yesterday, I was smiling for no apparent reason. 

I was suppose to get ready for a very, very tedious recitation of 60+ cases but I found myself happy smiling because of one stupid conversation. There’s this guy, we are not friends as in super close friends, we just know each other by name. We have casual conversations occasionally but yesterday was kinda different.

High school people would call this crush. But as part of the working force and a law student, I could not call it that. It’s way too, for a lack of a better term, high school-ish. And guess what? I am smiling while writing this anecdote. I want to quote something from our conversation but honestly, I can’t remember anything about what we talked about. Maybe it was something about school or something else. I really don’t know.


I had taken a smile for the two days that I saw him this week. And no, this is not i-hope-we-will-be-in-a-relationship kind of thing. It is just whenever I see him, he doesn’t have to do anything or say anything, my lips just twitch and curl upwards and my heart beats faster. I know I am not really making sense with this post. At least, I’m smiling and it is very rare that I do that. 


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