One Step At A Time

Finals week will be officially kicking in this Saturday. Just like last midterms, PIL will be the head start of the long hours of studying and zero sleep. Unlike midterms, finals carry additional burden because there is no other exam to make up for whatever your class standing is. That’s it. Finals will make or break you but it will never leave you hanging in between. For a working student like most of us in 3AA, finals week will really be a hell week. We need to balance studying and work and most of the time an angry boss because you have to be absent or absent-minded during the workweek. 

The drama I have in the office these days is so overwhelming, I want to scream. But I didn’t. In the end, it made all the difference. The drama was resolved without me even lifting a finger. The good deeds, I believe I sow ever since I started in the office, were all reaped two fold. However, the decision I made stands firm. I have to deal with it later after I take all the exams. 

I just want really to tell the world that everything  is possible. I want to remind myself that everything is possible. The tasks are never ending. The challenges of life make life as it is. As I start this looooooooooooong week ahead, I know that I am only as good as I prepared and prayed. I’m taking baby steps, one step a time, and eventually this will all be worth it. 



the bat cave is ready. it is just me, my kenneth cole-bring-all-the-materials-who-knows-when-you-will-need-them, law books in the library for the coming week. 

PS: you might fill in the blank space, smile. 🙂


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